Non-Degree Programs

  • Non-Degree Programs

  • Graduate Theological Studies Diploma

    Graduate Theological Studies Diploma

    The Graduate Theological Studies Diploma is intended for those who desire graduate-level courses for credit but do not desire a full degree program. These courses may be applied toward one of our master’s degrees in the future if you would like to continue your education.

    This program is specially designed for part-time students but can be completed in one year when taken full-time. Ordinarily, the GTSD should be completed within six years. It is designed to prepare teachers and further equip ministers for more effective service in their local church. The Seminary offers this diploma to men and women who wish to deepen their understanding of the faith and enhance their usefulness to the church.

    The requirements for this 45-quarter-hour program focus on Biblical Studies, Systematic Theology, and various aspects of practical theology. If you do not have a college degree, but give evidence of an ability to do graduate-level academic work, you may be admitted into this program.

    Program Requirements and Course Sequence

  • Audit Program

    Audit Program

    Auditing It is a great way to get exposed to our courses and programs before, or instead of, pursuing a degree program.

    Auditors sit in on all the class lectures, take notes, ask questions, etc., but they have no homework assignments, papers, quizzes, or tests. They receive no grade or academic credit at the end of the class. However, all prerequisites or other course limitations that apply to credit students will typically apply to auditors.

    Auditing can help you be a better teacher, leader, or member in Christ’s church. It is a good option if you do not require master’s level credits but are interested in the content. For some, it is a helpful refresher of previously-studied content. And it’s a lot less expensive than taking classes for credit.

    Even some of our credit students audit the occasional class because they are interested in a particular subject but don’t have the time to study it in depth. And spouses of our credit students can audit classes for free.

    Click the “Audit” tab on the Tuition Page for costs on campus vs. online.

  • For the Church

    Applied Theology Program

    RPTS is pleased to make available to the wider church select courses taught by its faculty that will assist congregations in their local ministries. Use the link below to see these courses and how they can be purchased.

    Complete List of Applied Theology for the Church Courses


    Ruling Elders’ Program

    The program aims to encourage and train ruling elders in their devotion to Christ, their love for His church, and their abilities to serve His people. It consists of five courses designed to assist ruling elders in their ministry.

    The program is flexible, allowing participants to work through the courses at their desired pace, ranging from one to five years. Participants will audit online courses offered at RPTS, with accompanying reading material. The program is open to individuals “aspiring to be an overseer” (I Tim. 3:1), churches seeking to train potential ruling elders, or sessions looking to renew their work.

    Listen to President York as he speaks about the Ruling Elders’ Program.

    To register for the RPTS Ruling Elders’ Program, interested individuals or groups can contact RPTS at [email protected].