• Give

    Your giving, along with five years of frozen tuition,
    has helped to make our students’ education as affordable as possible.
    Thank you for your continuous sacrificial giving and faithfulness in partnering with RPTS.

  • Online Giving

    Online Giving

  • Check


    Checks can be made payable to RPTS.
    Please send to:
    Development Office
    Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary
    7418 Penn Avenue
    Pittsburgh, PA 15208

    For wire transfers or direct transfers from your checking account,  please contact us at 412-731-6000 or email [email protected].

  • Stock/IRA

    Donations via Investments

    Often giving from your portfolio is a tax-efficient way to bless the Seminary through the resources that the Lord has placed in your care.

    Such gifts can include:

    • IRA Required Minimum Distributions
    • Stocks/Bonds/Mutual funds
    • Avoid capital gains by donating investments directly to RPTS
    • Receive tax deductions for the fair market value of stocks on the date of transfer
    • RPTS receives the full amount of your gift
    • Insurance – name RPTS as a beneficiary to life insurance policies
    • Employers and groups often provide free or low-cost insurance policies for their members. Consider naming RPTS as a beneficiary.

    Please contact Mark Sampson at [email protected] or 412-731-6000, ext. 301, to donate investments or to learn more about ways to support the work at RPTS.

    Click on the Planned Giving tab on this page to learn more about making impactful legacy gifts to RPTS.

    As always, consult a tax professional or financial planner concerning the specific tax implications of any gift you are making to charitable organizations.

  • Planned Giving

    Your “Last Act of Stewardship”

    The planning and passing on of your material possessions is your final act of stewardship before you go to meet the Lord. As with all other areas of the Christian life, this should be done with prayer, thought, and care. Through good planning based on the foundational principles of Scripture, your Last Act of Stewardship can provide wonderful blessings for your family, loved ones, and ministries that have held great meaning in your life.

    For more information, please contact Mark Sampson:
    [email protected]

  • Counseling Donation

    Counseling Donation

    Although BCI is a ministry that does not charge a fee for counseling, the cost to us is at least $85 for each hour of counseling. You have no obligation to pay anything, but a donation will help keep BCI operating and bring praise to our gracious Lord.

    If you would like to donate using your credit card, please see someone in the BCI office or use the link below.