Jerry F. O'Neill
RPTS President, Professor of Pastoral Theology, 1995-

When Dr. O'Neill was asked to leave his beloved pastorate to serve as the next president for RPTS, he answered the call with much trepidation. Raised on a Kansas farm, he loved the Midwest and the Indiana church that had grown into a vital congregation under his leadership, and he expected to remain there for many years to come. But shepherding students at the Seminary turned out to be a perfect match for him: From day one, I loved working with students, and it continues to be exhilarating to help them explore and prepare for their calling.

The Lord used Dr. O'Neill's previous experience as Dean of Student Development for Sterling College in Kansas to prepare him for RPTS. His fourteen years of pastoral experience also serves him well teaching various pastoral theology courses, such as Spiritual Development and Evangelism, and counseling students.

President O'Neill is author of How Should I Remember the Sabbath?, and co-author of Abundant Life in Christ. His representative Covenanter Witness articles are: "How the Lord Leads", "Rethinking Our Recreation," and "Pastors Preparing Pastors."

Pastoral Experience
Reformed Presbyterian Church of Columbus, Columbus, IN - Pastor, 1981 - 1995