Steven F. Miller
Adjunct Professor of Missions, 1999-

Rev. Miller has thirty years of pastoral and missionary experience. He and his wife, Jane, continue interest in and contact with the church they helped establish in Eritrea, East Africa, where the population is largely Muslim and Eritrean Orthodox. He has a powerful first-hand witness of proclaiming the Gospel to all the nations, having also preached in Poland, Cyprus, Egypt, and Kenya. Traveling as his schedule permits to continue advancing the cause of the Savior and the growth of His Church, he is passionate about training the next generation of missionaries to the world through RPTS with a decidedly Reformed view of proclaiming Christ as Lord over all the nations:

Our Reformed doctrine produces our whole method, because it produces God-centered, Biblical missions. We need mission work that is not based on anthropology, sociology, or archaeology, or that is overly concerned to be politically or culturally sensitive. Reformed theology provides us with the equipment that we need for a sound missionary approach and policy, just as it does for our whole life and world view. It's an exciting, Biblical approach.

Pastoral Experience:
Other Teaching Experience:
Mehrete Yesus Bet Kristyan Theological College, Asmara, Eritrea, East Africa